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Kids, Parents, and Grandparents Are Raving About (and Sleeping Better with) This FUN Nightlight!

lighted toilet

Revolutionary new toilet-light with built-in air freshener is flying off the shelves – over 1 MILLION sold and counting! See why this incredible invention is helping people worldwide get a better night’s sleep!

Nothing is worse than being jarred awake from a blissful night’s sleep when you take a late-night bathroom trip and are blinded by the bathroom light.

Studies show that sudden bright light exposure decreases Melatonin production, making it tougher for you to fall back asleep (which we all know makes for a grumpier and less productive you).

But what if a revolutionary new toilet-light could ensure you and your loved ones could find the bathroom, even in total darkness, without ever having to flip on a light switch?

Introducing GlowBowl Fresh…

The World’s ONLY Toilet Nightlight With Built-In Air Freshener!

Not only does GlowBowl Fresh make nighttime bathroom trips fun without waking yourself or others, but its built-in replaceable air freshener leads you to a great smelling oasis – zapping nasty bathroom odors and keeping your bathroom smelling fresh 24 hours, 7 days a week!

With GlowBowl Fresh you can select from 13 vibrant LED colors or use the Color-Carousel mode, so you’ll not only hit your mark each and every time, but you’ll also enjoy your very own dazzling light show in the process! Who knew going to the bathroom could be so much fun?!

The Safe And FUN Nightlight For Kids and Adults!

Featuring advanced motion detection, GlowBowl Fresh automatically lights up when you walk into the bathroom and turns off when you leave – saving battery life while lighting the way!

GlowBowl Fresh’s patented 3.5″ flexible arm easily attaches to ANY toilet! Old toilets, new toilets, big or small, it doesn’t matter – GlowBowl Fresh will fit YOUR toilet!

And yes, it works right out of the box and is ready to go in minutes! Simply place on your toilet – no installation required!

How It Works:

Turning your toilet into a great-smelling nightlight couldn’t be easier!

Glow Bowl

Step 1: Insert Air Freshener: Open the air great smelling freshener and insert it into GlowBowl Fresh.

Step 2: Setup Nightlight: Place on your toilet and select from 13 vibrant LED colors or enjoy the rotating Color-Carousel Mode.

Step 3: Light It Up! Your bathroom will smell great and GlowBowl Fresh will light up next time you use the bathroom in darkness.

Now we get to the best part…

Not only is GlowBowl Fresh easy to use, but it offers great benefits that inferior competitors simply can’t match!

lighted toilet
Lights Up Automatically – GlowBowl Fresh lights up when you go and turns off to save battery life!

lighted toilet
Keeps Bathroom Smelling Great – Replaceable lavender air freshener smells incredible and provides months of odor protection!

lighted toilet
Ultimate Potty Training Tool – Kids absolutely love GlowBowl Fresh and aren’t afraid to go to the bathroom at night anymore!

lighted toilet
Always See Where You Pee – Auto-rotates colors every 4 seconds or lock it to your favorite color!

lighted toilet
Works Out Of The Box – Fun nightlight is incredibly easy to set up and is ready to go in minutes!

lighted toilet
Easy To Clean – Water-resistant casing can be cleaned with household cleaners!

lighted toilet
Control The Brightness – Easily control the nightlight brightness with the 5 stage dimmer!

I’m sold! How much does GlowBowl Fresh cost?

To stop those late night ‘misses’ along with the nasty clean-up and frustrations that come along with them, I’m sure you’d be happy to pay $30, $40, or even $50! However, GlowBowl Fresh is available for just $17.99! It’s a small price to pay for a FUN nightlight everyone loves!

That’s right, for less than the cost of a pair of movies tickets, you’ll receive the revolutionary new nightlight that stops men’s toilet ‘misses’, makes nighttime bathroom trips a breeze, and even keeps your bathroom odor-free for months! There is simply nothing like it!

And yes, GlowBowl Fresh makes the perfect under $20 holiday gift for friends and loved ones!

Where Can I Get One?

You can get your very own GlowBowl Fresh by going to their website here.

Important – This is the original! Don’t be taken in by fakes that don’t work properly.


Special Offer:

As of September 24, 2021, GlowBowl Fresh is offering a special limited-time deal – purchase 3 or more GlowBowls and get 2 absolutely FREE!

Plus, for a very limited time, get free shipping when you buy more than 2!

Imagine…just days from now owning a nightlight so incredibly versatile, it helps keep your bathroom clean, generates a dazzling light show, and even keeps your bathroom smelling fresh 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Stop blinding lights at night and get the most fun and effective nightlight available!

Step 1: Get your GlowBowl Fresh by ordering it here.

Step 2: When it arrives, follow the simple three-step setup process above.

Step 3: Enjoy your FUN, SAFE, and GREAT-smelling nightlight!

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