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Locate Your Pet Instantly With This Tiny Collar Attachment


Have you heard the good news about all of the animals that have found homes during the pandemic? 

Many rescue shelters have actually run out of dogs and cats!

I’m actually one of those people who felt inspired to take home a new puppy during these times.

I had always wanted a furry best friend, and when I had to make the switch to remote work, I knew it was time. 

I went to the shelter and found the perfect pup, brought him home, and named him “Rufus.’ 

The shelter volunteers informed me that Rufus had been badly abused at his previous home. Even though he had been nursed back to health and you couldn’t see any signs of abuse by looking at him, I could tell when I first brought him home. 

Even though I was ready to love him endlessly, he had a habit of running away and hiding from me. 

He had been conditioned to become afraid of people. 

I was afraid of losing Rufus forever until I found this dog-saving device – the XY Find It.

Now When Rufus Hides, I Use an XY Find It To Find Him In Seconds


Rufus never chooses the same hiding place twice, and he’s quite small (he’s some type of chihuahua mix… I think). 

I was worried he wasn’t eating his food or drinking water whenever I was home, and even though I knew in time he would learn to love me, I didn’t want him hiding for so long that he became sick. 

So I asked around some online forums and even asked vets for their opinions. 

Finally, someone suggested the XY Find It and it changed my and Rufus’ life overnight.

How The XY Find It Helps My Pet


The XY Find It is a nifty device that’s about the size of a quarter and just as lightweight. 

I simply attached it along with this name tag and now I can never lose him in the house or the backyard. 

Whenever Rufus is missing, I use the XY Find It to pinpoint his exact location. 

It’s actually helped us bond a lot and has helped him trust me more. 

He knows that when I find him, I’m not going to hurt him, and I’ve actually noticed him starting to hide less and less. 

I can’t believe that this little device has helped him overcome his fear of people and start to learn to love again.

There’s More Than One Way To Locate Your Pet


When Rufus went missing, I used two different methods to find him. 

First, the XY Find It uses Bluetooth and location-based technology to show you on a map where your dog is. 

This helped me know whether he was near me or in the backyard, or somewhere in between. 

You can see his little dot on the map — whether you’re using the XY Find It app on your smartphone or even just using your regular browser on a computer — and know exactly where to start looking. 

The other option, which I also used when I was sure which room he was hiding in, was to use the “Beep to Find” method. 

This actually makes the XY Find It sends out a beeping noise that I can hear from anywhere. 

Once the noise starts going off, it’s ridiculously easy to find good boy Rufus just by listening. The noise actually makes him scurry out himself and I usually don’t even have to look.

If Rufus Ever Ran Away, There’s Actually a Third Way I Could Find Him

The XY Find It also comes with a wonderful community-based feature. If Rufus were to somehow escape the house, I can go into the app and set the item as misplaced. 

Once this item has been marked as lost, the Bluetooth technology will actually connect to every other XY Find It user in the world! 

And there are over a million of them. 

Anytime another XY Find It device comes within range of Rufus, I would get his map-based location sent to me. 

Of course, this provides a wonderful sense of community, but it also gives all pet owners more than a million chances to find their precious pets again. 

Who knows, you could even end up a hero for finding someone else’s pet!

Get Alerted Before Your Pet Gets Too Far Anyway


There’s an additional feature that I haven’t even gotten to yet, which is called the “Keep Near” feature. 

Keep Near will alert you the minute the XY Find It (which is attached to the dog’s collar) starts to get too far away from you. 

This means that if Rufus runs out the door, I would get a notification within seconds. I think he’s too scared to do this, but I know of plenty of other pet owners who have this problem.

The Keep Near feature means that you would be able to start chasing your pet and looking for him seconds after he goes missing, not hours or even days.

You Can Also Use the XY Find It For Anything Else That Might Go Missing


When I first heard about the XY Find It, I knew it would be perfect for Rufus but I actually ended up buying the bulk package.. Depending on how many things you misplace, there’s the perfect combo package waiting for you. 

I decided to buy three and got two for free. And I attached them to my:

  1. Dog
  2. Phone
  3. Wallet
  4. Keys
  5. Camera bag

I misplace these five things all the time. Even though they usually turn up, I have to waste hours searching for them. 

They fall between cracks, get lost in my closet, or get hidden under coats. 

Instead of searching for them, now I just use the “Beep to Find” feature. If I’m looking for my wallet, I can just listen for the beep and follow that instead of searching around aimlessly. 

And I can’t believe how much these five devices have changed my life. 

I’ve stopped being late for meetings, stopped missing important moments, and generally head out the door with much less stress. 

So even if you’re not a dog owner, I’m sure there are some things you’ve stressed over misplacing. The XY Find It can help with that.

The Price Is Right


I can’t believe I didn’t mention this until now, but the XY Find It is just a one-time, simple purchase. 

There’s no monthly subscription you have to pay for or hidden fees for using it. 

You can keep your Bluetooth and location services on all the time and never have to pay an extra dime. 

The battery life will last for five years even if you use it constantly. 

There’s also a bunch of different colors to choose from if you want the XY Find It to match or blend in with an object. 

It’s lightweight and small enough that you can easily attach it to anything, and the little hole at the top of the device lets you connect it keychain style to a variety of items.

Lost It? Find It! Whatever ‘IT’ Is


Even though the XY Find It came into my life because of my dog, I can’t believe how much it ended up helping other areas of my life. 

Now the home that Rufus and I share is much more peaceful, organized, and enjoyable. 

I find things the second I need them and have more time to spend comforting my beloved rescue. 

I wish I could tell the world about it, so I decided to start here. If you think you could use a little more time and a little less stress in your life, do yourself a favor and try the XY Find It.

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