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Get The Most Out of Your Costly Eyewear With This Pocket-Size Cleaning Device


Get The Most Out of Your Costly Eyewear With This Pocket-Size Cleaning Device


Even with stellar insurance, prescription eyewear can be pretty dang expensive. Heck, even non-prescription glasses and sunglasses can be pretty expensive! 

I’m a middle school teacher, and as you can imagine, my salary isn’t exactly Warren Buffet’s. 

Buying glasses was something I had to postpone just because of the sheer cost, but I couldn’t let my students suffer for it, so I eventually caved in and bought a pair. 

That multi-hundred dollar purchase did not feel great, but I was happy to be able to clearly see my students and what they would write on the board. 

But then the worst happened. I thought I could clean my glasses lens with my t-shirt, but even that cotton fabric scratched my glasses!!

I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating it was to have just spent hundreds of dollars on glasses only to scratch them up and ruin them a few days later. Honestly, I was heartbroken

I had to start pinching every single penny and taking on an extra side hustle just to afford the next pair. After saving enough, I got another one, but I was determined to find a way to get the most out of them, keep them clean, and never ruin them again. 

The cloth that came with the glasses wouldn’t really work either, as after using those even a few times they themselves get dirty. They’re also hard to remember to bring everywhere. 

I went back to my eye doctor and told him my heartbreaking story, and he reassured me that many of his patients have complained about the same problem with keeping their glasses clean. 

But when I told him I would suck it up and use the wipe next time, he said the wipes actually just move the dirt and oil around instead of actually removing it. 

Thankfully, he had a solution and he recommended using Peeps

Since I took his advice, Peeps have kept my eyeglasses crystal clear without my ever having to pick up a cloth or an annoying spray. Even better, I feel like I’m getting actual value out of not only my prescription glasses but all of my sunglasses as well. My students and I are finally happy and learning again. 

And I can see! All thanks to Peeps.

What are Peeps?


Peeps are specifically designed for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, or reading glasses. 

They’re a small, pocket-sized, wire-free device that cleans your glasses over and over again and never expires or gets itself dirty. 

Whether it’s oily fingerprint smudges, dust from the air, facial oils, or anything else, Peeps will easily and effectively remove them for you.

As a glasses owner, I think it’s a bad idea to buy something so expensive without a guaranteed way to keep them clean and usable. 

At the end of the day, what Peeps REALLY are is the essential piece you need to actually use your glasses.

How Do Peeps Work?


Peeps utilize all-natural, invisible carbon formula that’s specifically engineered to remove dirt and abrasive particles from your lenses. 

The soft microfiber pads are also embedded with a patented molecular formula and carbon cleaning compound that works to actually remove dirt and oil instead of just spreading it around as sprays and cloths do. 

The technology is also not affected by heat, cold, or humidity, so the formula will work no matter where in the world you live — even outer space. Yes, you read that correctly. Peeps are the only approved cleaners used on the Space Station for lens cleaning by NASA. 

If it’s good enough for astronauts, it’s good enough for me.

Keeping up on the cleaning will not only help you see and feel better but will actually keep you safe from harmful bacteria and keep your glasses around for longer. I just wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way.

How To Use Your Peeps


Peeps are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. They’re also super compact, so you can keep them in your pocket or purse and use them anytime you need a little refresh. 

There are actually two ways to use your Peeps. 

First, try the retractable, scratch-resistant brush. Just swipe it over the lenses and you’ll be removing all of the dust and abrasive particles from your lenses. 

But you can also use soft microfiber pads on the lenses. This will give the extra finishing touch. It’s also incredibly helpful that it cleans both the front and the back of the lens simultaneously. 

When you’re done using, just retract the brush and close the Peeps back in its handy case. 

The technology inside is good for 500 uses, so feel free to share with friends.

Other Options Paled In Comparison


It’s almost weird that they give people the lens cloth with their glasses and don’t say anything. It’s like they just expect people to deal with dirty glasses and rub the oil around and around. 

Maybe that’s the way they get people to keep buying new ones. Who knows. 

I had to learn this the hard way, but using your shirt is NOT an option. You risk scratching your lenses, even if the t-shirt feels super soft. It still pains me to talk about. I could really use those couple hundred dollars back right about now. 

Sprays also have their own problems. Carrying them around is annoying enough, and they usually are full of harmful chemicals that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your eyes. You also have to replenish them whenever they run out, which gets pretty expensive after a while. AND they still require you to use the cloth! Lose-lose-lose.  

Peeps are the one and only thing that will work to remove the bacteria and dirt AND are super easy to use. They’re also small and convenient enough to keep in your glove compartment, desk, or even your pocket. Whatever works best for you. Depending on your budget, you may want to have a few!

Protect The Investments You’ve Already Made


Glasses are expensive enough that you should have a proper way to keep them usable. 

They’re an investment in your health, so you have to treat them with respect. And Peeps does exactly that. Over and over again. 

I’m so happy that by spending just $19.99, I was able to protect one of the most necessary parts of my life. I’m also happy to know that these will last me years. Without Peeps, my old glasses only lasted a few days. 

But even if you don’t wear expensive prescription glasses, I’m assuming you still want to protect your sunglasses or even reading glasses. Just because they’re not hundreds of dollars doesn’t mean they don’t deserve cleaning and respect as well.

Don’t Make My Mistakes. Get Peeps.


I guess I only have myself to blame, but I really wish my doctor had told me about Peeps the first time I bought glasses. It would have saved me a LOT of heartaches, time, and certainly a lot of money. 

It seems that within just a few days, the Peeps have paid for themselves. I can see clearly and when they start to get a little dirty, I know I have just the tool to take care of it. It also makes me feel pretty cool to use the same technology that NASA is using in Outerspace to clean their glasses up there. 

If you or anyone you know wants to keep your glasses or sunglasses clean, you’ll want to go with Peeps before you waste time and money with any other option.