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How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

To all the new moms out there or really anyone looking for an easy way to keep yourself and your family safe, I have some advice for you that was passed to me by another fellow mom.

I’m sure being a mom has always been hard, but for people becoming parents today, there are certainly some unique challenges.

Did you know that due to the devices we use daily, like our smartphones, laptops, and wi-fi, we are now surrounded by 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than 50 years ago??? Crazy.

Of course, you want your child to be “normal” and get to use a cell phone when the rest of their friends do, but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the mounting science behind just how bad these devices are for your brain.

They emit something called EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, that are scientifically proven to cause everything from minor headaches to cancer. YIKES. Not something a new mom wants to hear.

So even if your child is too young for a phone, they are STILL getting harmful electromagnetic frequencies from YOUR devices just being near them.

Feeling frustrated and defeated, I called my neighbor. I knew I was desperate reaching out — she’s one of those “super moms” who just seems to do everything right and makes it look easy. We’re certainly different people, but I really needed her help before the baby was born.

Thank God I swallowed my pride and asked because her recommendation was SUPER easy and nothing short of miraculous.

She told me about the smartDOT and it immediately removed all panic and frustration about how to protect my child (and myself) from the harmful side effects of the cell phones and devices that are all around.

With the smartDOT, I can be absolutely sure my family isn’t suffering from EMF radiation.

What is a smartDOT?

How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

The smartDOT looks and acts like a little sticker, but it’s actually an EMF protection device.

The sticker attaches to any device that emits EMFs (this includes phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, etc.) and immediately works to retune the electromagnetic frequencies at their source.

The smartDOT is a quick-stick fix to keep you and your family safe so that none of their devices are emitting the same harmful EMFs they were before (and likely are now!!).

You also just stick it on once and then never have to think about it again or behave differently in any way.

The product is guaranteed to last a lifetime and never needs to be changed or removed.

How Does It Work?

The smartDOT’s electro-engineering and chemical makeup is specifically designed to retune the harmful EMF waves that are constantly coming from all your wireless devices, even when not in use.

The smartDOT acts as a harmonizer to the electromagnetic frequencies from these wireless devices by seamlessly sticking onto the device itself, which prevents them from emitting their harm right at the source.

Once the EMFs have been harmonized, they’re not the same harmful waves that they were before, which keeps your brain and your health safe. You’ll notice the difference before long.

Pretty quickly, the smartDOT works to relieve unwanted symptoms. You’ll feel fewer headaches, more comfort, and less tension.

How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

“Overall, it is concluded that the smartDOT has shown to be profoundly effective in negating the effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body.” – Dr. Thornton Streeter, Centre for Biofield Sciences²

To Get the Most From Your smartDOTs

How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

Thankfully you don’t need to understand electromagnetism or advanced physics to use it.

If you know how to use a sticker, you already know how to use the smartDOT.

The smartDOT will arrive just a few short days after you order it and come completely ready for lifetime use.

Just remove the smartDOT from the packaging and stick it on your device.
The smartDOT easily attaches to every device and does not need to be in a specific position on a device to start protecting you immediately.
If you’re only buying one, the super mom across the street recommended putting it just on the device you use the most. Probably your cell phone if I had to guess.

But if you’re buying more than one (and you can get some pretty good deals if you buy multiple) then just start sticking them on all your EMF transmitting devices. Common ones include:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Smart meters
  • Televisions
  • Baby monitors
  • Gaming consoles

The smartDOTs will never interfere with each other, so you can place them on as many wireless devices as you have. It won’t add any weight, wires, or change the device in a way you wouldn’t want.

Ideally, you would place one smartDOT on each device. But major brownie points as a mom for getting just the most common ones taken care of.

You Could Be a Victim of EMF-Sensitivity If You Experience …

How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

Some people think that just because they haven’t dropped dead from using a cell phone, they and their families are not experiencing the detrimental effects of EMFs.

But especially as a soon-to-be mom, I did my research, and now I know that EMFs are causing a long long list of things. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s likely coming from your phone or other wireless devices! Things like:

  • Low energy
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Body Pain

All of these (and then some) are scientifically proven to be traced back to electromagnetic frequencies. You really need to protect yourself and your family. Especially since smartDOT has made it so easy.

Imagine Life WITHOUT EMFs

How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

It’s sad to see how easily we’ve all just accepted that EMFs are part of our lives. We ignore our stress, headaches, and the fact that our innocent children have to feel the effects of our adult-tech.

But I understand why before smartDOT came around there wasn’t really much you could do about it, aside from living a life in the mountains completely off the grid or not have children.

But thankfully the smartDOT has been invented, so you can stay safe and connected. Win-win.

With a smartDOT re-tuning the frequencies around the clock (yes, they last a lifetime) you and your family can stay happy and safe, no matter how many devices you have in the home.

With the help of a smartDOT, you can finally feel your EMF headaches floating away, stress leaving the home, and a generally happy attitude starting to take hold.

It’s Absolutely Perfect for Families But Works Wonders for Everyone

How To Keep Your Family’s Tech Use Safe and Healthy

I was feeling particularly guilty before the smartDOT.

I guess that comes with the territory as a new mom, but there was something that just didn’t feel right about the fact that my child wouldn’t have a say in the matter when it came to EMFs. He (or she) was just going to have to deal with the effects before they were even old enough to say the word cell phone.

And when they are old enough to have a cell phone of their own, I’m glad the smartDOT will be something they barely notice.

Really anyone (not just children) deserves this hassle-free protection. It’s a simple one-time purchase that can relieve some of your most frustrating symptoms and actually help you get your life back on track.

Especially with a money-back guarantee, why would you not let smartDOT protect you?