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Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside


Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You’re Stuck Inside

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside

“I realized I was losing touch with my roots…” If you just found yourself missing some home-cooked meals growing up, then read the following story and discover how to get that piece of you back.

About a year ago, I was experiencing a heavy bout of homesickness.

I know that may not sound like a major problem, but I swear I could feel the physical ache in my heart every time I thought of home.

I missed my house. The big farm we used to live on. The birds in the morning. The silence at night. I missed driving through rolling hills and getting some nature in my soul.

Of course, I missed my family too. I missed waking up early with the sunrise and helping my dad on the farm. I miss helping my mom chop veggies.

But sitting in my new teeny tiny and INSANELY EXPENSIVE New York City shoebox of an apartment, there was one thing that I missed most of all.

I missed being able to go outside barefoot, stroll through the rows of bountiful and beautiful food, and pick a meal for myself. I’d bring inside my harvest, and the whole family would get in on cooking a meal together.

Trust me, you haven’t tasted fresh until you’ve cooked something you’ve just picked.

I was devastated. That’s really the only way to describe it. That and hungry.

And I know you don’t know me very well, but trust me, farm boys don’t complain too often. We’re much more of the type to roll your sleeves up and find a way to solve your problems.

So you bet your bottom dollar I’m not sharing this story just to complain.

Woe is NOT me.

I’m just talking to you because I did roll up my sleeves and find a solution. It shouldn’t have gotten as bad as it did though, so I hope you’ll listen in case you’re missing a piece of childhood too.

“I wish I had known I could bring farm vibes with me to the city so easily… Don’t let yourself feel what I felt.

Go here now to enjoy the grow-it-yourself approach to food! »

This Beyond Simple Farm-To-Table Solution That Made My Apartment Finally Feel Like Home

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside

Long-story-short: Things got pretty bad. I know I told you I was “homesick” in the beginning, but I think I needed a new word to describe what actually happened.

Like I said, I was living in New York after moving from a beautiful big open farm in Missouri. The change was hard.

But then my mother got severely sick, and my heart had never been so heavy. I flew home immediately and did what I could to take care of her, but eventually I had to return home to my tiny apartment with barely a window. The big office job that my mom was so proud of was calling me back.

Coming home to that uninviting space without my friends or family close by was probably one of the hardest moments I had experienced yet.

My momma is doing ok now, but I felt terrible guilt for not being home. I worry that her missing me is hard on her heart, so I at least wanted her to know I was happy in New York City.

But I will NEVER lie to her. The happiness had to be genuine. And my search began.

I thought hey, I’m pretty lonely, so I might as well put myself out there. I knocked on the next-door neighbor’s house and introduced myself.

As soon as their front door opened I was greeted with that wonderfulfamiliar scent of a fresh herb garden. It smelled exactly like a part of the farm! I couldn’t believe it, I SWEAR it was a sign.

I had to ask, and the family (who are now good friends by the way!) showed me this beautiful little herb garden they shared together. Their love for it reminded me so much of my own family’s love for the land. I couldn’t believe I found it here in NYC!!

I had to ask how they got it started and where I could find something similar for myself in the big city. We exchanged information and they sent me everything I needed to know.

Their garden was called the SeedSheet. Of course, I got my own too, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel like I’m back home.

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside

The SeedSheet isn’t just an herb garden. It’s my roots.

To be honest, I had a feeling this was going to do the trick as soon as I got the first whiff of herbs from the family next-door.

And guess what? I was right. Just a few clicks and a day or two later the package had arrived at my door and I was ready to get planting.

And when I say “ready,” boy do I mean it.

Ready to be reminded of home. Ready to eat a home-grown and home-cooked meal. And ready to feel happy again!

What Makes The SeedSheet such a great way to grow food even in a tiny space?

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside
  • One single SeedSheet means you can plant six different herbs all at once!
  • Organic seeds, soil, and even planter, so you know your food is always fresh
  • Basil → Good for your skin, liver, and digestion. Tastes great with red meat or even in your water.
  • Cilantro → Reduces your risk of heart disease and obesity. One of my favorite smells in the world. You gotta try it on some tacos.
  • Parsley → Supports strong bones and even helps fight cancer. Pretty important, right?
  • Dill → A big ole’ dose of vitamin C. Now tell me you don’t need a little extra Vitamin C in your life right now.
  • Onion Greens → More Vitamin C. Also Vitamin A. And contains tons of water to keeps you hydrated. Tastes great with chicken, soup, and even fish!
  • Sorrel → A nice fuzzy little leaf. This is a great farm-medicine. Helps alleviate pain. Sometimes we used to give it to the animals.

“Where Can I Buy The SeedSheet?”

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside

I’ll tell you what my neighbors and dear friends told me. Get the SeedSheet from the reputable retailer themselves.

Here’s the link they showed me, and the link I used. I highly recommend you use this one too if you could see yourself with a little herb garden of your own.

Reader Beware— Don’t Let How Easy This Is Make You Worry

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside

I know that not everyone grew up on a farm like me, so I just want to make sure you’re not over there thinking that you couldn’t do this.

The SeedSheet makes it so easy, that even neighbors like us, in teeny-tiny New York City apartments can give it a go. Trust me, you don’t need a green thumb.

It all comes together so quickly!

All of the seeds for your new herbs come in one single sheet. You plant it all at the same time!

Just fill the planter they send you with soil, and then place the SeedSheet with the seeds facing down. Add water, and presto! You’re on your way.

But it gets even easier. The SeedSheet also comes with an app that holds your hand throughout the entire process. It’ll let you know when it’s time to water again and it’ll help you figure out some great recipes once you’re ready to harvest.

Covered By A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside

I also wouldn’t be the kind to tell you to try something unless I knew your money was safe. I’m a man of my word.

The SeedSheet also lets you try the product for 30 days. If for some reason you don’t like it, you can get every penny back. No questions asked.

Can You Really Say Your Diet Is Balanced Now?

Enjoy Nature’s Delicious Bounty Even When You are Stuck Inside

This was probably the biggest part of my culture shock. At home, we’re used to getting fresh food in our bellies. Without even thinking really, we have what folks call “a balanced diet.”

But in the city, that a balanced diet is harder to find. People rely on processed foods, sugary snacks, and energy drinks just to get through the day!

I know it’s not as easy as it was on the farm, but SeedSheet sure helps a lot. I finally feel like I have that old farm pep in my step.

And I’m sure the morale boost wouldn’t hurt.

So maybe you’re not homesick like I was, but there might be a little sadness in your heart somewhere.

For me, the SeedSheet has been the greatest little pick-me-up. It looks and smells beautiful. For me, it smells like home too.

Ladies tend to notice how much it lights up my space. They always appreciate that I know how to take care of something too.


Attention: The SeedSheet recently had some big news and believe it or not…

They WON on Shark Tank!!!!

I’m so glad at the thought of families all over finding a little piece of nature in their homes every day that they can all enjoy together.

The Sharks (some of the biggest investors in the WORLD) saw how special this thing was right away. I think you’ll see (and taste) it too.

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