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Optometrists Are Now Recommending You Test Your Vision From Home (Here’s Why)


I never realized how much I hated taking eye exams at the optometrist… until recently, I started giving myself eye exams. At home. By myself.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Taking eye tests at home? There’s no way a medical professional would approve of that.”

Get this: My optometrist was the one who recommended the at-home tests. There’s a good reason, which I’ll explain in a moment… but first, let me tell you about this new invention that actually makes this possible.

Introducing… The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker uses MIT-patented technology to turn your smartphone into an easy-to-use, fully functional vision test that takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

How Does It Work?

Simply attach EyeQye to your phone and follow the on-screen instructions. The test is simple and feels like a game. You simply adjust two lines (one red, one green) using buttons on your phone until they blend into a single yellow line.

eye exam

The test gives you a precise reading of your eye measurements – including Sphere, Cylinder and Axis readings (the essential measurements used to create accurate eyeglass prescriptions).

The best part is… it’s so easy to use, you can’t possibly mess it up!

On top of this, you can track your results and save them to the cloud.

That’s one of the reasons optometrists are so excited about the EyeQue.

Let me explain why…

The Problem With Taking Eye Exams At The Optometrist (And Why No One Will In The Next 5 Years)

You see, when you take an eye exam with your optometrist, they’re only testing your vision during one moment in time. And the results from a single test are NOT perfect. They won’t be completely wrong… but they won’t be completely right, either.

You could be nervous. Maybe you drank too much coffee, which can temporarily blur your vision. The doctor might be in a rush. All these factors can affect your test results.

That’s why the trick to getting perfect prescription glasses is to take more than one eye exam and find/use the average. However, your optometrist can only give you one test at a time. This means you could be wearing glasses that are okay… but far from perfect.

eye exam

Optometrists are aware of this problem, but their hands are tied. In-office appointments are already expensive and stressful for patients – imagine visiting the optometrist 3x more often!

Surely, if patients were able to give themselves eye exams – and get trustworthy results – then we would ALL save time and money. Plus, optometrists would have access to better information, allowing them to do a better job (e.g. using the EyeQue data to spot dangerous diseases before they strike. Phew!)

That simply wasn’t practical (or affordable) before… but recent advancements in technology and the power of our smartphones have finally made this possible!

So I Never Have To Go To The Optometrist Again?

Not exactly. EyeQue is not meant to replace your optometrist completely, as they are still responsible for your eye health.

However, my optometrist trusts EyeQue results so much that he now lets me skip the in-office exam. That’s the part that usually takes the longest, so my rare optometrist appointments are now a breeze.

Ok.. But How Accurate Is EyeQue?

Even though EyeQue is relatively new, it’s already extremely popular among Optometrists and their patients – because it’s easy and it works. In fact, more than 50,000 people have already used it for their eye exams, and 92% of them claimed the glasses they ordered using the device are as good or better than their previous eyeglasses. I believe it!

Can Anyone Use It?

The EyeQue works for anyone with prescription eyeglasses over the age of 18. It’s 100% safe to use and works great for both near and far-sighted people. You can also use it for the whole family!

Final Thoughts: Is The EyeQue Really Worth It?

For me, the answer is absolutely yes. I love using the test results to update my prescription eyeglasses online – which gives me way more choices and much better prices (plus it’s amazingly accurate!).

And now that I don’t need to visit the optometrist every time I need to update my prescription glasses, I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars in co-pay costs… not to mention the hours wasted in the waiting room that I’ll never get back.

That’s enough reason to recommend EyeQue… but when you add in the fact that my optometrist can now give me better care (because I’m helping him get information about my eyes that he could not get otherwise)… I don’t know how I could go ever go back.

So yes, I’m incredibly pleased with my EyeQue – and so is my Optometrist. I would highly recommend you give them a try.


Since I first wrote this, people have been sending me TONS of messages asking where to get the best deal on EyeQue.

The brand is actually running a promotion right now with a big discount and some special deals if you buy more than one. They also offer a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.

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