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Grow Your Child’s Green-Thumb With This New Mini Garden – No Experience Needed


Kids these days, gotta love em … right? But sometimes I worry for them.

I’m so sick of hearing about TikTok or whatever new filter came out that day.

What about some off-screen interests? Apparently that’s a lot to ask for.

But thankfully something happened a little while back when I was starting to lose hope.

My children happened to notice my next-door neighbor gardening.

Believe it or not, their curiosity peaked. They started asking him about all his vegetables and flowers and he even let them try a few herbs.

They could NOT stop talking about the experience all day, so I immediately called my neighbor and asked how I could get us started on a little garden of our own.

His answer? The SeedSheet.

What’s the SeedSheet?


The SeedSheet is sort of what it sounds like — it’s a literal “sheet” of “seeds” that you plant in one fell swoop to make your very own herb garden.

The sheet comes with six, pre-prepared pods of seeds that are ready to water and grow. And they’re all conveniently connected by one single sheet so you can plant and water all six herbs at once.

The SeedSheet also comes with a beautiful (and eco-friendly) planter that will house your new garden!

So what are in these six pods?

The Herb-y Goodness


First, there’s basil. Basil helps with digestion and a healthy gut and it even helps give your skin a nice glow — something any parent could use. Not to mention it tastes delicious.

The second pod contains cilantro. One of my favorite plants to smell, this guy also grows alarmingly fast! There’s always more than enough to go around.

Third, you’ll find parsley. This power plant contains many more nutrients than people realize! It’s great for your kids eyesight development and even helps fight cancer.

Next up is dill. According to Gordon Ramsey, this herb is perfect with fish. But if you don’t eat meat, it works great on veggies too.

Fifth? Onion greens. A surprising family favorite! My kids especially love chopping these. Even with a little butter knife, the green onions have already been helping them learn major kitchen skills.

Last but not least, is sorrel. This is the one herb I actually hadn’t even heard of before (bad mom!) but it looks kind of like spinach and typically helps alleviate pain!


And did I mention they’re all organic? I should add that it was actually my KIDS who taught ME all of this.

But It’s So Much More


The SeedSheet actually comes with an app that talks to you too! It has been the greatest educational tool, and it’s on a platform that actually makes sense to them.

From “seed to supper,” the app shows exactly how to care for the garden and how to use the ingredients once they’re ready to harvest.

And lately, I’m filled with that rare parental satisfaction of a job well done when I see the pride they take in teaching me what they’ve learned.

How To Use the SeedSheet


The shipment arrived in just a few days after I ordered mine, and it comes with everything you need. Even better, there’s nothing complicated to figure out once you open it.

Simply, pull out the gardening container and fill it with soil. I recommend going organic, especially with growing kids, but the soil choice is up to you!

Once the planter is filled with soil, place the SeedSheet right on top of it. Just make sure the seed side is facing down, so the roots grow into the soil.

All that’s left is to water!

The app will teach you how to nurture the seeds into seedlings and seedlings into full blown plants. I knew nothing about gardening, but now my kids and I feel like experts.

Raking In the Green


In addition to the value we’re getting from bonding and eating flavorful, delicious meals, I’ve also been pleasantly surprised to see how much money we’re saving as a family.

Give Your Kids Knowledge That Literally Tastes Good!


As I’m writing this, my children are just a few yards away laughing and trimming the plants that they’ve grown themselves.

How can I hear that wonderful sound and not want to share it with the world?

For any parent that’s looking for a way to bond with your children at home, I cannot recommend the SeedSheet enough.

It’s the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of gardening and maybe even help develop a passion in your kids.

I think I’ve even noticed their sense of responsibility improving, but I don’t want to jinx it!

You’ll have to try it and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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