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“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep


“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep

“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep

If you have a job and kids like me, you’ll know exactly how unrealistic this image can feel. Thankfully, things are different for me now. Let me introduce you to my new best friend.

Life asks a lot of me these days, but even when I do have the time to sleep, it’s hard — or even impossible — to shut my mind off.

I hop into bed with the precious little time I have and thoughts of packing the kids’ lunches, an important work project, maybe even that fight I had with a friend three years ago are all on my mind.

Whether or not I get a great night’s sleep isn’t always up to me, know what I mean?

Actually though, sleep IS up to me with the help of a little device called Dodow.

Now, I can finally take my sleep and my thoughts back with the most wonderful, risk-free little helper I could possibly imagine.

I’m not bickering with my husband or screaming at my teens NEARLY as much as I was before.

I’m recognizing the happy face I see in the mirror again and I’m also MUCH more focused at work.

Heck, I’ve even lost a little weight!

If there is one way I can help people right here and right now, it’s to tell you all about it.

So what exactly is Dodow?

“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep

Dodow is a small battery-operated device for your bedroom (or anywhere you want to sleep) that helps you finally calm your overactive thoughts, and find relaxation and peace before bed.

You literally just turn it on & breathe.

Dodow will project a beam of light onto your ceiling that operates alongside a specialized metronome.

The light is actually moving to a pace that soothes your breathing naturally.

The visuals then provide a scientifically-proven relief from the thoughts in your head, while the timing of the breath helps lull you into the fastest slumber I have ever found.

It seems complicated, but it’s really not.

In just a quick eight minutes — yes, eight tiny little minutes — Dodow will have you sleeping.

Don’t worry if it takes you a little longer to fall asleep though. There’s also a 20-minute setting! I started out using the 20- minute setting and now it only takes me 8!

And there are thousands of positive reviews online of happy customers sharing how they’ve finally kicked their sleeping problem using Dodow.

Here’s what George, a satisfied user, had to share about his experience with Dodow:

“Like many insomniacs, I will try anything for a decent night’s sleep. I have bought most of them and unfortunately, none have worked. I do NOT take any Rx medication but have used OTC stuff before. When I read about this thing, I thought why not give it a try. It is excellent for focusing your mind and controlling your breathing to help you fall asleep. It is relatively inexpensive and all I can say is GIVE IT A TRY. After all the other things I’ve tried this is my favorite.”

You can imagine how perfect Dodow was for me, a 45-year-old working mom of three

“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep

With multiple roles in life, losing sleep can feel like I’m getting kicked when I’m already down.

I need that precious energy and mental refresh to not only get my day done, but to feel like myself!

With my mind prepped for an ideal sleep each and every night endlessly, I can finally wake up ready for tasks and for fun!

Dodow helps people like you and me who don’t have years of training in the art of zen to calm the mind.

We need something to help us in a very different kind of life, and as soon as possible.

Dodow’s guided breathing just soothes your mind and I can’t thank it enough.

How does it work?

“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep

Think of Dodow as a light device that trains you on how to control your breathing to help you get the best sleep ever.

Let’s break it down further, here’s how it works:

  1. Place the Dodow on your nightstand
  2. Tap the touch-sensitive surface once to activate the 8-minute mode and twice for the 20-minute mode
  3. A soft halo of blue light will be projected onto your ceiling
  4. Inhale when the light expands… then exhale when the light retracts (you may notice that the exhalation is longer)
  5. At the end of the exercise, you’ll be in the ideal body state to fall asleep naturally

The mesmerizing blue light keeps you from focusing on those random thoughts like that big presentation you have to give at work or tomorrow night’s dinner plans.

Dodow helps you to slow your breathing down, from the heavy breathing we do when we’re awake, to the shallow and relaxed breaths we take while sound asleep.

As the blue light projection of the Dodow become further and further apart, your breathing slows down to 6 breaths per minute, perfect for sleep.

Your body goes from alert to resting. Dodow helps you feel sleepy.

The small, compact unit runs on AAA batteries, making it the perfect travel companion for vacations and business trips.

You’ll never have to worry about falling asleep in an unfamiliar location like an AirBnB ever again.

I also needed the convenience.

Dodow wasn’t ever something I had to make time for. Instead, it gave me time BACK.

“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep

When Dodow arrives, just:

  1. Open the box
  2. Take out the device
  3. Set it down on your nightstand

I know it sounds almost too easy, but this isn’t the time to question a good thing.

Especially because Dodow has some incredible prices and promotions going on at the moment.

Don’t waste your time on other options

Maybe, like me, you already have.

First, I tried lifestyle changes, but I am in a family of five — my priorities can’t always be paramount. Overhauling everything to commit to sleep just wasn’t always possible for me.

Next, I went to the doctor, whose suggestions and prescriptions unfortunately just made things worse.

I even looked into therapy, but it seemed so expensive and time-consuming.

And I love how harmless and risk-free Dodow is.

“Having It All” Can FINALLY Include Sleep

Think of Dodow like yoga or meditation.

They really calm you down in the same way, this time it’s just from the comfort of your bed and you don’t even have to move.

It’s the easiest way to calm your mind.  And you can start breathing along with it straight away.

The other side of the risk is also taken care of — Dodow offers a 100-day money-back guarantee.

That means that if you try it and it somehow doesn’t work for you in the same way it did for me, you can return it and get every single penny back.

You Deserve Some Sleep!

Before I go, I wanted to remind you not to worry — you’re doing the best you can, and sleep will find its way to you.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I hope you decide to give Dodow a try and to let us know how it goes.

I hope you’re joining the thousands of other customers soon and chiming in with your own sleep story!

I hope you try it. I really can’t wait to hear how it goes!