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How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

FlexSafe is the portable safe that doesn’t look like anything like a safe. It keeps your valuables from going missing — and it’s the missing piece from your vacation.

FlexSafe easily stores phones, keys, wallets, and passports at the beach, amusement park, hotel pool, or sporting event.

Just lock your valuables inside and enjoy your getaway.

FlexSafe’s five-layer fabric design is both slash resistant and smash resistant, making it nearly impossible to cut or break open.

Plus, FlexSafe’s water-resistance material keeps your valuables safe from mother nature herself — making it the perfect device for trips to the beach or days by the pool.

It takes mere minutes for thieves to snatch a purse or wallet. With FlexSafe, you can stop worrying about your possessions and start enjoying your vacation.

How These Four People Protect Their Valuables With FlexSafe

FlexSafe is an easily transportable pouch made from five layers of ultra-durable fabric.

How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

It comes with a three digit combination and easily latches onto any sturdy surface, including umbrellas, lawn chairs, golf carts, and bicycles.

FlexSafe protects you, your family, and your valuables while traveling.

Here’s how four people use FlexSafe to safeguard their valuables while away from home:

A College Student Protects Her Valuables in Her Dorm

How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

“My aunt got me a FlexSafe as a high school graduation present. Her family goes camping nearly every weekend, and she swore FlexSafe would help keep my belongings safe on campus.

“FlexSafe has turned out to be — by far — the most valuable graduation gift I received. And more useful than rolls of quarters for laundry.

“Do you know how many drunk college students can stumble into your dorm unexpectedly? Spoiler alert: a lot.

After one particular 3 a.m. barge-in at freshman orientation, I started locking my clutch, passport, external harddrive, and other valuables in my FlexSafe every single night.

“If I’m pulling an all-nighter before exams, I bring my FlexSafe with me to the library. The most common phrase heard at campus libraries is ‘Will you watch my things?’ but I don’t mess with that. If I’m studying and quasi-sleep deprived, I lock my items in my FlexSafe and strap it to the leg of the desk chair. Problem solved.”

A High School Coach Keeps Athletes’ Items Safe at Sporting Events

How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

“I’m a high school track and cross-country coach, and let me start by saying that my job was much easier before the invention of cell phones.

“Last year our team was at an away track meet when one of our girls reported her phone missing. I was convinced she misplaced it or left it on the bus, but by the time the 4×400 crossed the finish line it was perfectly clear the phone was stolen.

“The whole event wreaked absolute havoc on the meet, the team, and my job. Not only did I have a set of screaming parents calling my cell (and the athletics director — my supervisor) over a lost iPhone, but my runners were completely distracted.

“While I commend my girls for acting like a team and helping their teammate search for her phone, it ruined their concentration. The girls were far more concerned over a lost phone than the races at hand, and one relay team missed their race altogether.

“That’s when the basketball coach told me about FlexSafe, which she takes to every single game. Now, my team never, ever travels without it — or, I should say them.

I own a total of five FlexSafes, and before any athlete gets off the bus at our meets, she places her phone inside one.

“All phones get locked away from the duration of the competition, ensuring all belongings are safe and all athletes are focused.”

A Working Professional Keeps His Valuables Safe While Traveling

How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

“I work sales for the Midwest region, and travel once — if not twice — every week of the year. Most of my work trips are overnighters, and half the time it feels as though I live out of suitcases and hotel rooms.

Last year I had a very, very expensive watch go missing on a work trip. I know I left it on the bedside table while I ran off to a lunch meeting, and when I returned to my hotel room my watch was gone. Fortunately, everything else of value — my Mac, phone, wallet, and external harddrive — was with me at lunch, but I still felt violated.

“One of my colleagues told me about FlexSafe, and now I refuse to travel without it. Unlike hotel safes, FlexSafe is incredibly discreet, and only you know the three-digit passcode (not every hotel employee). And since FlexSafe comes with RFID blocking, data on my credit cards and phone are safe from cyber hackers.

“Plus, since FlexSafe is lightweight and made from five layers of fabric, it won’t set off the metal detectors at an airport. Since I usually travel to and from client sites in under 36 hours, it’s pointless to check a suitcase. But with FlexSafe, I can just toss it easily in my carry-on.

A Single Dad Keeps His Family Safe on Vacation

How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

“My two kids inherited my love for the outdoors. We live in Arlington, Virginia, right outside Washington, DC. During the week, my work and their school schedules add up to long commutes, lots noise and city lights, and plenty of late nights.

Come each weekend, the three of us are itching to get out of the city.

“My son and daughter love camping in the Shenandoah Valley, and I love taking them. But I’ll be honest, it’s a heavy lift as a single parent. Half the time, I’m so consumed with logistics, planning, and worried about losing my car keys I can barely enjoy the weekend.

“My daughter — she’s my brainiac — solved all my worries when she saw FlexSafe on Shark Tank. She was watching it in the living room when she screamed ‘Dad! These would be perfect for our camping trips!!’

“Never have I ever bought something after seeing it on TV, but my daughter convinced me to order FlexSafe. It completely transformed our camping trips. As soon we get to our camping site, anything of value goes directly into the FlexSafe — my wallet, all three phones, and the car keys.

“With FlexSafe, I never have to worry about anything getting stolen while away. Plus, since it’s water-resistant, it’s perfect for camping — even during a torrential downpour. Heck, I even took it canoeing with us, and all of our phones were perfectly safe and dry when we returned to the campsite.”

See Why Over 40,000 People Trust FlexSafe

How Four TOTALLY Different People Keep Their Belongings Safe With FlexSafe

FlexSafe is exactly what you need to keep your valuables safe while at the pool, beach, ballpark, or amusement park.

For just $59.99, you can get your peace of mind back while traveling — so you can actually enjoy your vacation.

Now, you can try FlexSafe risk-free for 30 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the product (or at ease on vacation), you can return it for a full refund.

To protect your valuables, identity, and mental sanity while traveling, try FlexSafe today.