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How to Never Misplace Your Car in a Crowded Parking Lot Ever Again

XY find it

Have you ever wasted time looking for your car in a parking lot?

I have a knack for doing this at the most annoying possible times. 

I’ll be leaving a concert, so exhausted from the night, and have to waste time in huge, drunk crowds searching each lane until I can find my small Toyota Corolla. 

Or I’ll be leaving the grocery store, with an enormous shopping cart full of food, and having to push it all around the lot until I can finally spot my car, amongst the hundreds of others that look just like it. 

There’s even something spooky when it happens to you in a parking garage. There’s poor lighting, the echo makes it difficult even if you can hear your horn, and there’s nobody around. 

But it wasn’t until recently when I landed in my hometown airport after an incredibly long and taxing business trip that the “last straw” happened. 

I was as tired as I had ever been and ended up having to search the airport FOR THREE HOURS trying to find my car. I was ready to lose my mind. 

I eventually had to embarrass myself and go to security and find someone to drive me around in their security golf cart until I found my car. 

I vowed when I got home to research some solutions, and I’m so glad I found one that works, that’s affordable and reliable. 

I wonder how many hours this little solution — called the XY Find It — has saved me already. I shudder to think what my life would be like without it. Or what parking lot I’d currently be stuck in. 

The XY Find It, Explained

XY find it

I was wondering the same thing when I first came across the description, and it’s actually a nifty little device. 

The XY Find It locates whatever item you choose to attach it to within mere seconds. 

It’s a small (about the size of a quarter) little keychain, that helps you locate anything in seconds. 

The XY Find It is essentially the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable way to find misplaced items. For me, that’s my car. 

What’s an XY Find It Not?

Well, for one thing, it’s definitely NOT a monthly subscription service. 

There’s also definitely NOT any hidden fees or secret payments that need to be made. 

It’s also NOT something you ever have to charge. The battery life, ready to use right out of the box, will last you for five. 

I’m still on my first one, even though I bought the package deal so I could share them with my family.

How The XY Find It Helps Me Locate My Car

XY find it

Ok, so how does this thing actually work, you may ask. 

The XY Find It uses Bluetooth technology to keep tabs on the items you choose. 

Whenever I know I’m within 300 feet of the item, which is always the case in a parking lot, that Bluetooth technology connects with the XY Find It app on your phone or smart device, and will show you on a map EXACTLY where your car is. 

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to download the free app, you can use your normal browser on a computer or smartphone, and the map will still locate your item for you. 

The Bluetooth technology already present in your smart devices will connect with the XY Find It, so that it’s precise location can be shown to you. 

Just head closer to it on the map until you’ve actually found it! 

Keep the XY Find It in the glove compartment or center console of your car (or really wherever you want inside your car) and you’ll always have a connection to its location. 

The XY Find It also comes with 2X the range, 4X the volume, and 5X the battery of previous versions, so even if the parking lot is GIGANTIC, you’ll still be able to pinpoint your vehicle. 

Believe me, I’ve done this more times that I can count, and it’s so reliable. 

How The XY Find It Helps Prevent Theft When I’m In a Not-So-Great Area

I also realized the XY Find It is a great solution to another problem I have with my car. 

Even though I’m not driving a Mercedes, I get nervous leaving my car in areas that seem a little … sketchy. 

I worry that it would get stolen or even towed. 

But that’s where the XY Find It comes into play. 

The “Keep Near” feature will alert you when your XY Find It has moved too far away from you.

This means that if you’re in a meeting or in a restaurant and your car is being either stolen or towed, you’ll be made aware within the first few seconds! 

The XY Find It, therefore, makes it MUCH more likely to get your stolen car back, or even to prevent it from being towed if you’re parked in a bad spot.

Anything You Misplace (Not Just a Car) Can Be Found with the XY Find It

XY find it

I know I’ve talked a lot about my car and how often I have trouble finding it, but I also want to highlight how well it’s been working for my wife and daughter on other items. 

My wife tends to misplace her wallet every other day, so I suggested she try the XY Find It. 

She just slips the coin-sized device in her wallet, and the “Keep Near” technology alerts her phone whenever she’s about to leave it behind. 

If she’s about to walk too far away from her wallet, she’ll get notified. This way, she can run back and grab it before someone else does. 

My daughter, on the other hand, often misplaces her backpack inside the house and particularly inside her very messy room. 

She loves the “Beep to Find” feature, which makes her backpack (with the XY Find It inside) ring loudly. It’s impossible to miss, and helps her find her backpack in seconds.

I can’t tell you how many times she was late to class before getting this little device. I feel like the money I’m spending on her education is finally going somewhere. 

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