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New Car Tracking Device Lets You Secretly Track Drivers In Real Time To See Where They Go - If They’re Speeding Or Driving Poorly

GPS tracker

I don’t know about you, but my car is my most valuable possession… and I treat it that way.

So naturally, when my son started learning to drive a few months ago, I took it very seriously. My wife laughed as I gave him the whole speech: don’t speed, be mindful of your blind spot, don’t forget to check the oil…

But of course, there’s nothing I can do once he gets behind the wheel. As soon as he’s out of sight, his safety is stuck on my mind (and yes, the potential repair bill is also worrying…). It’s not just the fact that he’s a new driver – anything can happen on the road.

Yes, I worry that he’ll get in an accident. But more realistically, I’m worried that he’ll learn to drive recklessly if he doesn’t have supervision.

However, my wife was right about one thing: If he doesn’t go out on his own, he’ll never learn to drive properly. Sure, maybe he’ll “play nice” while I’m riding shotgun… but then he’ll burn rubber as soon as I’m out of sight.

That’s why I was so excited when my wife discovered Prime Tracking – a new device that discreetly tracks cars – and even tells you when the driver is speeding or when they slam on the brakes!

It seemed like the perfect compromise for our situation – with this, we could keep an eye on him without needing to be present. So we went for it… and it turned out to be a GREAT decision for all of us!

What is Prime Tracking?

GPS tracker

Simply put, Prime Tracking is a cutting-edge GPS tracking device that uses lightning-fast 4G to provide real-time tracking for cars. (Actually, it can track anything or anyone you need to keep an eye on – more on that later.)

It’s mini-size, lightweight, extremely durable, and 100% silent – in fact, you might even say it’s virtually undetectable. Yes… this means you can decide whether or not you want to tell the driver that you’re tracking them!

This makes Prime Tracking perfect for tracking all sorts of vehicles. I keep mine in my car at all times, so I always know where it is when my son’s taking it out (or a guest is borrowing it).

I also use it on business trips with the company car – I can prove that I followed the rules (and my boss is happy too). And my cousin is even ordering a whole set of them for his fleet of delivery trucks!

It’s also got an impressive battery life to boot. I only have to plug it in twice a month, even though I use it all the time!

How do you use Prime Tracking?

GPS tracker

Using Prime Tracking to track cars is incredibly easy – you definitely don’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

Here’s exactly what I did:

  1. First, I activated the device on their website. There are just a few steps and you’ll be guided through the process. (No personal information required!)
  2. I placed the tracker in my car – in the trunk, where it’s hidden and out of the way.
  3. downloaded the free app (available for both iPhone and Android) and instantly saw the precise location of my vehicle – in real-time, right from my smartphone!

GPS tracker

It’s really that easy. And once you’ve started tracking, you can easily take advantage of the special monitoring features. This is the coolest part – allow me to explain!

The special features: This is what makes Prime Tracking such an amazing car tracker!

GPS tracker

The device also includes an SOS button, which the driver can use to instantly alert you that they need help. It sends your exact location – making it a much more effective (and discreet) way to call for help than sending a text.

GPS tracker

Prime Tracking allows you to create “GeoFences”. These are essentially “imaginary lines” that you can create on the map. Whenever someone with the Prime Tracking device leaves this area, you get an alert. (We use this feature to let our son explore freely – he can go wherever he wants within the GeoFence without having to ask permission.)

GPS tracker

Oh, and of course… if you often forget where you parked your car, Prime Tracking can find it for you right away.

Finally, while I hope I don’t ever need it, Prime Tracking also includes full coverage throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico – so if my son decides to head to Cancun for the weekend, I’ll be able to show up and grab that tequila shot right out of his hand!

The big question: Should you tell the driver you’re tracking them?

GPS tracker

Alright… if you’re like us, then this is probably the biggest thought you have right now. Is it okay to track my car without the driver’s knowledge?

Well… this is completely up to you. The device is tiny and doesn’t make any noise, so it’s impossible to detect if you place it correctly.

I’m not very strict, but I do believe in honesty and transparency – so I told my son I was going to place the tracker in my car.

I’ll admit my son didn’t like the idea at first, but now he realizes it’s actually a good thing for him – he can go about his life knowing that help is only a press of a button away, and we don’t have to spend so much time discussing his plans.

In short, Prime Tracking lets me feel comfortable giving my son more freedom and autonomy – we both win!

One last thing… this isn’t JUST a car tracker!

GPS tracker

Since getting my first Prime Tracking device, I’ve actually ordered two more – because as you may have guessed, they’re super handy for tracking ANYTHING… not just cars!

While I still keep one Prime Tracking device in my car, I gave one to my son (so he never has to ask permission to go places, even without my car).

I also gave one to my mother, who has dementia – even though she lives across the country, I can still find out exactly where she is at any given moment. I gave her caregivers access as well, so they can quickly find her if she ever decides to “explore”.

In summary, Prime Tracking is an excellent device – if you’re looking to track your car, a loved one, valuables, or really ANYTHING, then this is hands-down the best way to do it in 2020… whether or not you want anyone to know you’re watching!


UPDATE: Here’s where to get Prime Tracking for the lowest price

Since writing this, a lot of you have written in to ask about getting your own Prime Tracking devices. I did my best to reply to all of you, but I figure I might as well update this article!

If you want to try Prime Tracking yourself, I suggest getting it from the official website. In fact, they’re currently offering a 10-Day Free Trial and other big discounts!

When you buy directly from them, you’ll even get a 30-day money-back guarantee – so you can find out if it’s worth it for you. If you keep track of loved ones (or just get nervous whenever they leave the house), then I highly recommend Prime Tracking – it’s leaps ahead of anything else on the market!


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