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This Amazing Product Will Keep You Sane (And Relieve Neck Pain!) While Working From Home

In the wake of recent events, we’re all finding ourselves indoors a lot more than normal and if you’re like me, you’re one of MANY Americans needing to quickly figure out how to work from home.

You’re not alone if you have a less-than-ideal office setup…I know I do! My kitchen table doesn’t come with an ergonomic chair, keyboard, or spare monitor and that means new body aches and pains on top of everything else going on (we’re also doing renovations right now…kill me)!

Slouching and sitting too long put physical stress on your body that you might not notice yet (though you probably already have!) but you’ll definitely feel later, long after life gets back to normal.

neck hammock

My current work-from-home setup…don’t judge me! We’re doing renovations! Those chairs aren’t doing my neck and shoulders any favors though…

I asked friends for solutions and people kept recommending going to the chiropractor or getting a massage…but that’s not really possible right now and to be honest, it was becoming really expensive! I needed something that was well-priced, compact, and most importantly something I could do without leaving my house.

If you have even the slightest neck, back, or shoulder pain from stress or simply hunching over your laptop screen like me, then you NEED THIS…

What Is it?

neck hammock

It’s called Neck Hammock and it’s a little device you attach to a doorknob and lay on the floor to stretch out your neck.

In just 10 minutes, you’ll feel the tension and aching in your neck, shoulders, and back start to melt away while you just relax.

It’s probably the world’s simplest idea…but it works (which is why over 250,000 people already have one and LOVE it).

How Does It Work?

Neck Hammock was created by a chiropractor and uses a principle called “cervical traction.”

Sounds complicated…but it’s actually pretty simple.

“Cervical” refers to your cervical spine (which is your neck) and “traction” is the act of stretching to relieve the pressure built up between your bones and muscles.

neck hammock

Chiropractors have lots of fancy (and expensive) devices and techniques that do this…but Dr. Steve Sudell (the Neck Hammock‘s inventor) decided he wanted to make it available to everyone.

He created a simple, portable device that would allow regular people to get the neck stretch we needed WITHOUT having to visit a doctor’s office.

All you have to do to use it is:

  1. Hook the strap end around a door handle
  2. Lay down on the floor
  3. Move far enough away from the door to get the stretch you want

This makes it really easy to use from home.

There are no complicated wall anchors and nothing to screw in or nail down. Because Neck Hammock hangs from your door handle you can set it up or pack it away in seconds.

Here’s how I’ve been using it lately:

My Neck Hammock WFH Routine

I love my Neck Hammock so much that it’s become an essential part of my daily work-from-home (WFH) toolkit (and it’s helping to keep me sane).

My Essential WFH Toolkit

  1. A planner to set my working hours and daily tasks
  2. Carving out a place to work in my apartment (this is a work in progress!)
  3. Online workout videos for lunchtime movement (going to the gym isn’t an option right now, but a little bit, often!)
  4. Ending my workdays with Neck Hammock

Every evening after work, I grab my Neck Hammock and eye mask, pop in my headphones and spend 10-15 minutes relaxing with it (sometimes I even fall asleep because it’s so soothing).

neck hammock

With everything else shifting around in life…it’s incredible how this one simple addition has had such a positive impact!

If you’re like me and carry a lot of your stress and tension in your back, neck, or shoulders – which has only become worse after working from home – I strongly recommend you give this a try. They offer a free 30-day money-back guarantee
so if you decide you don’t like it, you can return it hassle-free.

The official Neck Hammock website is offering big savings right now so I bought a few of them.

My husband and our kids all use it together at the same time – something fun and relaxing we started doing as a family while we’ve been stuck in the house. We call it our ‘spa-time’.

Needless to say, WE’RE HOOKED and you will be too!

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