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I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is

If you think an ant carrying 10-20 times its own body weight is impressive, then wait 'till you read this: This tiny magnet, smaller than a quarter, can hold over 100 times its own weight - see why people are calling it the world’s strongest (and most useful!) magnet.

When it comes to gadgets, well, I’ve been there, done that.

I’ve tried different-sized tool belts. Work aprons with deep pockets. Fancy wall hooks. You name it, I’ve tried it.

But then a friend of mine told me about this crazy new gadget he bought after seeing it in a whole bunch of videos.

He told me it was one of the most useful tools he’s ever owned. Just 1 MagnetPAL can hold anything up to 15 lbs he told me. And there are 100’s of different ways you can use them too. 

MagnetPAL sales have exploded to over $5 million dollars – making them one of the fastest-growing magnetic gadgets out right now.

I had to see it for myself. At the very least, to prove him wrong. So I ordered a few to test them out.

Only a few days after ordering them they arrived. I lifted them out of the packaging. They looked impossibly tiny, sitting in the palm of my hand.

But truly… I thought he was pulling my leg. 15 lbs? That seemed like a lot for something so small I thought to myself. Yeah, I’ll show him…

But after a couple of weeks of using them, well, I hate to say it, but I was the one who was shocked.

Not only did it easily lift the 15 lbs like my friend bragged it did, but I loved them so much that I actually went back and ordered more.

I was using them to hang my tools, keep a spare car key under my car, organize my garage… literally everything!

I never imagined a magnet this small could be so useful. So let me show you what I mean...

Introducing the world’s strongest magnet: MagnetPAL

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is

With over 500,000 MagnetPALs sold worldwide, this award-winning gadget is truly unlike any magnet you've seen before.

MagnetPAL is not your cheap magnet. Its core is made almost entirely from Rare-Earth Metal, making it incredibly strong and durable compared to traditional magnets. Because its unique metals come straight from the earth, there’s an extensive mining process that adds to its rarity. 

The exterior shell and loop are made of military-grade ABS plastic which gives it the power to attach to almost anything you want. 

The beauty of MagnetPAL is that because of MagnetPALs Grade-A materials and ingenious design, it's not only 100% waterproof and rustproof, but will also never lose its strength over time!

In fact, it’s so powerful you can use it all year long both indoor and outdoor (in extreme temperatures), and it will still work.

Even better, the MagnetPAL (unlike cheap magnets) isn’t known to cause damage to things like your credit card chips and electric key fob when placed in your pocket and used as a keychain.

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is
The MagnetPAL is perfect for holding multiple keys at once!

It's about the size and weight of a quarter and weighs just a small fraction of an ounce!

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is
Yes! The MagnetPAL is unbelievably tiny, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty!

And the most incredible thing about this magnet is… its strength considering how small it is!

In fact, a single MagnetPAL has been proven (in 3rd party tests) to hold up a whopping 15 pounds (6.80 kg), meaning it holds over 100x times its own weight!

Doesn’t matter if you’re using it to stop your keys from getting lost, to hold a handful of nails while you hammer away, or even hang your hammer from MagnetPAL itself – the MagnetPAL is guaranteed to hold it!

Never worry about your stuff falling out of your hands again!

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is
Holding everything for you so you can keep your hands free to work as you please

But that’s not all a MagnetPAL can do

From hanging tools and equipment to hanging paintings to hiding a spare key under your car, there are over 100 ways you can use a MagnetPAL!

Here are some ways MagnetPAL’s thrilled customers are using it:

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is
  • Keeping home and car keys safe — tuck a spare key deep under your car’s chassis so you’ll never get locked out, ever again (and you’ll never have to worry about it falling off!)
  • Holding anything and everything — the MagnetPAL is so tiny, yet so strong, it easily holds anything (and everything!) you need for DIY, crafting, or any type of project around the house… or even at work!

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is
  • Finding wall studs — the MagnetPAL lets you easily locate metal studs in walls, even through layers of plaster and wood. And because the MagnetPAL is so small, it shows you the exact location of each stud with shocking accuracy!

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is
  • Organize your clutter — The MagnetPAL attaches securely to any metal surface, so you can use different colored MagnetPALs to keep all your things organized neatly, without ever losing them!

I Tried The “Super Magnet” And I Could Not Believe How Useful It Is

See the full list of uses here! With all that it can do, it's no wonder they've already sold over $5 million dollars’ worth of MagnetPALs worldwide!

With over 100+ ways to use it, you’ll never regret ordering your very own MagnetPAL today

Whether you order 1, 2, or 9 of them, you can guarantee you’ll find fun and genius ways to them.

And with an average of 4.6 (out of 5) stars across thousands of reviews, you know MagnetPAL is a smart purchase that will last you a lifetime!

What’s more, MagnetPALs also make great gifts for those can’t-ever-find-the-perfect-gift DIY enthusiasts and handymen who always have a bunch of different projects on the go.

To get your very own MagnetPAL right now, click the button below to go to the website and place your order!

Important Update

Thank you for your responses – clearly some of you are really interested in MagnetPAL after reading this review! We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

The creators of MagnetPAL are currently running a special promotion – for a limited time, you’ll get a FREE MagnetPAL 3-Pack when you buy 2. We don’t know how long this will last, so definitely act now to take advantage of it!

NOTE: Because these are made from genuine Rare-Earth metal, inventory is limited.

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