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Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?


Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

Think Again – This Ex-College Admissions Director Guarantees $5,000 [No Matter What Your Background Is]

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Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

How Would You Feel If Your Son Or Daughter Was Still Paying Off Their Student Debt Into Their 40s, 50s, Or Even 60s?

This may sound unbelievable but in the US alone, tens of thousands of parents and grandparents are not able to retire because of outstanding student loan debt.

Stats On Student Loan Debt Are Shocking...


Adults who are 62 and older hold $68 billion in student loan debt.
​Adults preparing for retirement in their fifties hold $224 billion in student loan debt.
44.7 million people currently owe a total of $1.59 trillion.

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

Sadly, the student loan crisis is only getting worse and it's because of one big reason...

2 Problems: Finding & Earning Scholarships Is Incredibly Difficult...

With student loan debt reaching epidemic proportions, parents need to take special precautions to ensure their young aspiring student does not get stuck in the same financial quicksand that most fall victim to.

But there's two main problems fueling this financial pandemic...

First off, searching online for "best college scholarships" is like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles. See for yourself:

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

Most of these 'helpful' websites have compelling promises and attractive marketing messages that trick you into sharing more information than you should in order to sell your info to other organizations that will inevitably spam you without hesitation.

However, once you navigate your way through the 158 million sites on the web and finally narrow down your search to a reliable source for current, active scholarships... what do you do then?

Which brings us to the second problem...

Most students (and definitely their parents) have no idea how to best fill out scholarship applications to set themselves apart from the thousands of other applicants fighting for the same funding.

Even worse, many realize there are TONS of scholarships waiting for them but most don't even try to apply because they think it's just a lost cause anyway! But this is so far from the truth, especially if you know how to use the loopholes to your advantage...

For these reasons alone, 10+ year college admissions director and current alumni relations officer, Jared Meier created a simple, step-by-step training that will give you everything you need to safely and securely fund the college of your child's dreams with ease... no matter your background, job history, or even tax bracket!

How, you ask?

The Simple Solution: Make Your Student More Valuable

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

After working over 20 combined years in the admissions and alumni relations office, Jared Meier experienced first hand how difficult the college funding process can be.

From the moment the student received their acceptance letter and financial aid to graduation day and years after... he saw it all.

...And after seeing thousands of students start their career with a mountain of debt, he knew he had to do something.

So for the first time EVER, Jared is releasing all his 'untold admissions and financial aid secrets' that most universities will never tell you in a simple step-by-step video training that's so bulletproof that your child can start hoarding scholarships in grade school!

In a nutshell, these secrets are designed to give your young student a massive advantage above their peers and make them MUCH more valuable in the eyes of the admissions office.

Now, you're probably wondering, how does it work?

BREAKDOWN: How Does It Work?

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

First Off, Colleges Don't Advertise This Information...

Let's face it, college isn't cheap.

In 2018-19, according to the College Board1, the average tuition and fees for out-of-state residents were:

- $35,830 per year for private universities

- $26,290 per year for public universities

Over 4 years, that's $100,000+!!

Now, what if you had a secret playbook of college funding secrets that gave your child the chance to attend whatever school they want... no matter what the cost may be?

What if you had reliable, 'insider information' that gave your student a MASSIVE advantage over 99% of their peers, jumping their admissions application to the top of the stack?

What if you had the ability to negotiate your worth with universities to get more funding, more benefits, and a higher position amongst incoming undergraduates?

And, on top of it all, you had a private hand-curated database of over 100,000 scholarships that are just ripe and ready for picking?

Well, there are billions of dollars available RIGHT NOW that are just waiting for your son or daughter...

AND, if you're the type of parent that is hyper-motivated to offset any longstanding financial burden and keep your child protected from as much loan debt as possible, Jared Meier's College Funding Video Mastery program is something you need to check out...

REVEAL: What Is The College Funding Video Mastery Program?

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

Jared Meier's College Funding Video Mastery is a simple, step-by-step video training that will give you everything you need to fund the college of your son or daughter's dreams with ease... in one hour or less!

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

This easy-to-follow Video Mastery training will teach you the surprisingly simple techniques to:

Find & earn scholarships even faster (no matter how many scholarships your student has currently)
Get the College Funding plan responsible for millions of dollars of college scholarships and grants (you'll master this in 7 minutes)
Negotiate your way to the 'top of the stack' of student applications (even if you're shy and nervous around people it works with all admissions offices)
Enjoy the entire training in one sitting (you can learn everything & get started in less than one hour from now!)

...And the list goes on and on.

But here's the big kicker...

Jared believes so much in this program that he's offering a guarantee like no other.

In fact, it's a $5,000 scholarship guarantee...

$5,000 In Scholarships Or Grants... Or Your Money Back!

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?

Jared and his team believe so strongly in their program that if you don't earn at least $5,000 in scholarship or grant money in the first year of owning this program, you can get 100% of your money back (no questions asked).

It may sound too good to be true but you can give this program a try for an entire year and if you don't earn at least $5,000 in scholarships in the first 365 days, then you can get a full refund.

Not only will you be able to locate, apply, and earn scholarships better than 99% of the rest of the student population, you'll also going to get these incredible bonuses:

Comprehensive step-by-step worksheets for each training video (play, pause, rewind, and take notes at your leisure)
Fourteen (14) valuable college prep manuals
Fourteen (14) college preparation audiobooks
College Funding Secrets scholarship database (contains 100,000+ hand-picked scholarships ready for you)
Interactive, Scholarship Tracker Worksheet
Private 'College Funding Secrets' Facebook Support Group

Now is your chance to earn more scholarship and grant money than you ever thought possible while helping your son or daughter get into the school of their dreams.

And, if you're seeing this page, you now have the opportunity to participate in Jared's $5,000 guarantee and purchase the College Funding Video Mastery today!

Click the link below to find out how...

UPDATE: Jared Meier's College Funding Video Mastery Program $5,000 Guarantee Is Still Available — Click To Learn More

Yes, Jared Meier's $5,000 guarantee is still available for a limited time.

To see if you qualify for the College Funding Video Mastery Program click the link below...

Click HERE to order your College Funding Video Mastery Program for the lowest price.


So, who’s behind this College Funding Video Mastery?!

After working 10+ years as director of college admissions, then shifting to Alumni Relations for an additional 10+ years, Jared Meier has seen everything you can possibly imagine when it comes to the college experience.

He's fixed every problem and assisted with every challenge that's involved with getting into college and successfully graduating and reaching the best career path possible.

After over 20 years of parents doing the same thing over and over again and running into the same challenges, he said enough is enough!

Therefore, with the help of a small team of fellow college funding enthusiasts, Jared created the College Funding Video Mastery Program to help give students an unfair advantage, and parents additional financial relief.

Think You Can’t Get Scholarships?
Jared Meier
10+ Years Director of Admissions
10+ Years Alumni Relations

All that being said, this program is not for everyone...

Who should use the College Funding Video Mastery Program?

Simply put, this program is for any motivated parent or high school student (Freshman to Senior) looking to get a massive advantage in the college admissions and financial aid process.

Colleges spend a lot of time marketing to their strengths and we have done everything in our power to help pull back the curtain on how the admissions and financial aid process really works.

Imagine having the "cheat codes" to negotiating your way to the top of the admissions review board...

Imagine having a complete database of ripe, ready to be picked scholarships and grants (that most don't even know exist)... AND have the training to properly filter through and apply for the right scholarships for you!

But again, if you're not interested in putting in the time to sift through scholarships or you're "just fine" with applying for student loans, then this program is not for you.

However, if you are motivated to help your son or daughter graduate college virtually debt free and are willing to scoop up the tens of thousands of scholarships out there just waiting for you, then this program is 100% for you!

Additionally, you're going to get a first-hand look at college loans, scholarships, and tuition fees in a time of "distance" learning.

UPDATE: Jared Meier's College Funding Video Mastery Program $5,000 Guarantee Is Still Available — Click To Learn More


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