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New Cart Organizer Makes Grocery Shopping Fast And Easy (And Helps The Environment)


When I saw this new invention on Good Morning America that “changes the way you shop forever”, I just had to give it a try… and I’ll tell you: they were right! Here’s why…

Nobody will deny that reusable shopping bags are a great idea – they’re sturdier, cheaper and better for the environment.

But as I’ve learned, they’re not perfect…

For starters, my collection of reusable bags is a total mess –  they’re all different colors, made of different materials, and all different sizes.

And speaking of sizes, most of them are far too small to carry a decent amount of groceries from our weekly family shopping trip. (Unless I use 30 of them…)

And of course, my mess of reusable bags do nothing to help me stay organized while actually shopping. I end up throwing everything together in random piles – which means unpacking my cart and putting everything away at home takes ten times longer than it should.

It was so frustrating… but I never thought there was any other option. But then I saw a segment on Good Morning Sacramento that caught my attention…

Husband & wife team make grocery shopping a breeze (and better for the environment)

Lotus Trolley

The segment was about this married couple (Jen and Farzan) from San Diego. They were talking about something they’d invented that makes grocery shopping not just easier, but much faster and less stressful!

(Not to mention, it also stops American families from tossing 1,500 plastic bags into the trash every single year.)

It was a brand new, wonderfully convenient form of reusable grocery bags called the Lotus Trolley Bag.

Like me, Jen and Farzan were tired of grocery shopping taking so long.

It was a nightmare stacking their cart the right way - without the eggs getting crushed or the bread getting flattened. And the mess just continued at the checkout where everything was tossed into different bags at random… which made unloading their bags from the cart to the trunk, and from the trunk to their house, and then unpacking them all in their kitchen take forever.

And like me, they were also concerned about how the plastic and paper bags they used and tossed every week were bad for the environment.

Which is why they took matters into their own hands and created the reusable Lotus Trolley Bag system

The secret behind their reusable shopping bags is that they open up like an accordion.

You simply place it inside your cart and the bags open like in the picture. And as each bag is slightly smaller than the last, they fit the shape of a regular shopping cart perfectly!

Meaning you can load your groceries straight into the bags, organizing as you go along by produce, canned food, dry goods, and even meat and dairy. Making every shopping trip faster - and easier - than ever!


Even better, they’re made from premium quality nylon plus recycled plastic that means they’re great for the environment – and they’ll last for years!  

More reasons to love these bags

Jen went on to explain that this wasn’t the only reason why people were snapping up the Lotus Trolley Bag (in fact, they’d already sold 250,000 of them!)

Each of the bags attaches to each other using strong velcro strips, so you can separate them if you don’t need all 4 at once.


And instead of being fully fabric all the way around, they had flexible mesh bottoms so that spills or moisture won’t stain the bags or make them smell.

Lotus Trolley

The bags also come with strong supporting rods to stabilize them in your cart and keep them open while you shop. (Bonus: the rods also make the bags easier to fill up AND to load into your trunk without tipping over.)

And... that’s it! You simply put the bags in your cart, open them up, and separate your groceries between the bags so everything is neatly organized as you go. This also makes them easy to repack neatly at checkout and easy (and fast!) to unpack at home!

The bags are machine washable, too – they really are the last reusable shopping bags you’ll ever need!

And I almost forgot to mention this, but one of the bags is also fully insulated, so it keeps food cold for up to 4 hours!

The colors looked beautiful, the price seemed fair and they even offered a 30-day money back guarantee.

I put them to the test - and here’s what happened

Even though I had to rush straight to work that morning, I set a reminder on my phone and ordered a set of Lotus Trolley Bags as soon as I got home that night.

They arrived a couple days later and I was pleasantly surprised at how light they were!

The material is sturdy and the double-stitching feels super durable.

So the following weekend, my daughter and I went for our weekly grocery haul to test it out. To be honest, I hadn’t been this excited to shop for groceries in a long time.

After 20 minutes, our cart was packed neat and tidy. I couldn’t believe how quickly we’d organized everything!


After scanning, we quickly loaded every item into its designated bag. The lightest items went into the large bag, cold food went into the insulated bag…

Produce went into a separate bag and jars and cans went in the smallest one.

It was such a breeze, packing and organizing my groceries at the same time!

And when we got back to the car, the Lotus Trolley Bag was super handy yet again. 

All we had to do was separate the velcro and our groceries were in our van in seconds. And thanks to the rods, the bags didn’t tip over on our drive back home!


Since our garage isn’t connected to our house, we always have to carry our groceries through the front door into the kitchen, and with paper or plastic bags, this gets exhausting, fast.

But as each Lotus Trolley Bag carries about the same amount of groceries as two brown paper bags, we cut our back-and-forth trips in HALF!

And since everything was already organized, unpacking them was a breeze too! I couldn’t believe how much time we’d saved using them!

I now never leave my house without them

They’re so flexible and convenient, I’ve never been tempted to use a plastic or paper bag since getting them!

I’ve probably used them more than 100 times now…

Everyone asks me about these smart, colorful bags when they see me shopping, and I happily tell them - these really are the best reusable shopping bags I’ve ever come across!

Lotus Trolley

Makes a great gift (for yourself, and for others)

As I mentioned earlier, Jen and Farzan have already sold more than 250,000 of this incredible reusable bag system, and customers are raving about them, having left more than 3,000 5-star reviews!


Aside from my own set, I’ve been gifting them to all my friends and family. And they’ve always told me the same thing: they’ve never received anything as practical, convenient and planet-friendly as this!

So whether you get one for you and two to give away (or even if you keep all three to yourself!) with their generous 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Update: Here's where to find a great deal on Lotus Trolley Bags!

I liked mine so much, I just placed an order for 3 more sets! (I’m going to keep one for me, and give the other 2 as gifts.) 

So you might want to do what I did and consider one of their BUY MORE, SAVE MORE BUNDLE DEALS that are available for a limited time right now: 

Buy 2 - Get a 3rd Set FREE + FREE SHIPPING

Buy 3 - Get 2 MORE Sets for FREE + FREE SHIPPING

See how easy (and fast) grocery shopping can be when you get your very own set of Lotus Trolley Bags!

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