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Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

1. Get Both Hot & Cold Therapy in One Convenient Sleeve That's Easy to Use Anywhere! 

Seniors who are recovering from injuries or living with chronic pain know the importance of having both hot and cold therapy at their disposal. This is why we created this innovative, easy-to-use sleeve that can be worn anywhere to provide relief for sore muscles, joints, and more. The best part? You get both hot and cold therapy in one convenient solution! Check out our website now to learn more about this new product so you can find relief today!

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

When you need a break from your pain, there is no better way to get relief than TheraICE Rx. This sleeve offers both hot and cold therapy in one convenient package - with 360-degree compression for even more intense treatments! You can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of cryotherapy at home or on the go without any bulky equipment that takes up valuable space in limited places like handbags.

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

TheraICE Rx is a revolutionary hot and cold compression sleeve that provides soothing relief to your legs or arms in minutes. TheraICE Rx’s “dual therapy” technique is extremely effective for all sorts of pain – including arthritis, tendonitis, joint pain, torn muscles, tennis elbow, and more! The perfect gift this year for the grandparents who have everything?  

Learn more about the Theraice RX Sleeve here!

2. The latest in smart-home technology, this gadget helps you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your day. It helps you recover from mental and physical exhaustion, and gives you a break from life's stressors. But for many people, sleep can be hard to come by- that is until they get their hands on this new gadget!

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

Dodow is a small battery-operated device for your bedroom (or anywhere you want to sleep) that helps ease overactive thoughts and find relaxation before bed. You literally just turn it on & breathe! 

The light will project onto the ceiling alongside an expert metronome; this special combo provides scientifically proven relief from those pesky daytime runs through the mind's maelstrom while providing soothing timing during inhaling breaths which lead into some of the deepest slumbers I've ever had - guaranteed not one bad dream tonight thanks Dodow

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

I was intrigued by the idea of how Dodow could help my daughter with her anxiety, so we bought it. She's been using it every night for about 6 weeks now and she says that she loves it! It has helped calm her down before bed which is great because there are no more sleepless nights in our household. 

We got this little gem too! If you're looking to get a gift for someone who needs some extra sleep or just wants to relax at home without any interruptions - look no further than Dodow. You can find out all about this device here.  

3. Finally, the solution that makes finding and saving photos easier than ever!

Imagine how much time you spend looking for your old pictures to show off to your grandchildren. Now imagine that this process is completely automated and takes only a few minutes. This blog post will teach you about the best backup device on the market, which saves you hours by automatically finding and backing up all of your photos! 

The article also includes some information about what makes this product so unique in comparison to others on the market. 

If you are looking for an easier way to store all of those precious memories with your loved ones, then this article is perfect for you! We hope that it helps ease some of the burdens from our grandparents' shoulders because they deserve it!

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

I was more than a bit skeptical when my friend called to say he had found the holy grail of backup devices. A device so perfect, it does all your backups for you AND saves them in ONE secure physical location on ALL your devices! Sounds unbelievable right? Well, I decided to test this new gadget anyway… mostly just because my friend made me too happy >.< And WOW did he luck out – not only does his invention work as advertised (and is both SAFE & EASY), there were no difficulties whatsoever.

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

The PhotoStick OMNI is the perfect gift for your grandparents. It’s a simple, easy way to backup all of their photos and videos without them having to do anything but plug it in. And if they have two computers – one at home and one at work – then they can just use The PhotoStick OMNI on both devices! 

If you know someone who loves to take pictures or record video clips from every family event, this could be the best Christmas present ever. So don’t forget about those precious memories next time you plan out gifts for grandma and grandpa - click here for more information on the Photostick Omni now so that everything will be backed up automatically with no effort needed whatsoever!

4. Easily organize your grocery purchases into one easy step.

We were tired of grocery shopping taking so long. It was a nightmare stacking the cart right away without eggs getting crushed and bread flattened in transit! 

And then at checkout, everything got tossed into different bags at random; which made unloading their car from trunk to house or unpacking it all again take forever (and like me they also worried about how plastic/paper bag waste is bad for our environment).

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

The story behind these reusable shopping bags is that they open up like an accordion. You place The Lotus Trolley Bags in your cart, and as each bag gets smaller than the last one - meaning its shape fits regular carts perfectly! Meaning you can load all of the groceries straight into them by produce, can goods, dry foods, even meat/dairy without having to unload anything first which makes every trip easier than ever before.

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your grandparents this holiday season, we have just the thing. These Lotus Trolley Bags are a great way to help them save money and reduce their environmental footprint in one go! And not only that – they also come with strong supporting rods to stabilize them in your cart and keep them open while you shop. (Bonus: the rods also make the bags easier to fill up AND to load into your trunk without tipping over.)  

The bags are machine washable, too – they really are the last reusable shopping bags you’ll ever need! Give yourself or someone special these gifts at Christmas time - it's an easy win-win situation all around! Check out our website for more on Lotus Trolley Bags Here.

5. Make Skype calls look like they were shot on a professional camera.

Do you want to have a video chat with your grandparents but don't have the cash to buy a professional camera?  You can make skype calls look like they're coming from a professional camera, just by adding this pocket-sized light.

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

OlumiRing is the perfect gift for any grandparent. It uses one button, holds a charge for roughly an hour, and -get this- it works right out of the box!

I knew that my grandma would love Olumirings because she's always taking pictures or video chats with friends on her phone. When I told her about how easy these LED rings are to use compared to other types of lighting devices like studio lights, portable flashlights, she was excited and ready to try. She didn't even need instructions.

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

The OlumiRing is the perfect gift for the grandparents you want to Facetime with. It will give them just enough light so you can see their face without being too bright. Plus, since it comes with its own USB charger, there’s no need to worry about finding a wall outlet or making sure you have an extra cord nearby!  

If you know some tech-savvy grandparents who love spending time chatting on the phone from across the country (or even down the block), this gadget is sure to be a hit. Click here for more tips on the OlumiRing.

6. A wireless, portable tiki torch that plays music? Yes please!

We all know that grandparents are the best people in the world, but they're also experts at spoiling their grandchildren. So if you've got a grandparent that loves to spend time outdoors with the grandkids and you want to give them something special this year, then this post is perfect! 

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

There's nothing better than spending time outside with family, so here are some tiki torches to enjoy by the pool, on the patio, or even while camping. 

These tiki torches have great features like being wireless and portable so they can be taken anywhere without any hassle. The best part? They play music too! Get ready for hours of fun in the sun with these awesome tiki torches because every day should feel like summer!

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

The TikiTunes speaker is a great gift for the grandparents. It’s perfect as outdoor decoration, and it can be used with or without music so you can add even more ambiance to your event by playing your favorite love songs at a low volume or turning the music off and letting your sparkling conversation steal the show. You might want to get one for yourself too! 

This speaker is rechargeable and comes with a Micro USB cable, so you can easily plug it into your car charger when the battery starts running low. If you need help finding that special someone who will treasure this unique present (like grandma!), click here.  We've got some helpful tips on how to make sure they'll like what's under their tree this year

7.  A safe place to store your valuables while traveling

You know you want to be there for your grandkids, but what about all of the important stuff?  With FlexSafe, you can store your valuables in a safe and secure location while traveling. Check out our blog post on how we make it easy for grandparents to travel with peace of mind!

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

FlexSafe is the portable safe that doesn’t look like anything you can find in your house. It keeps all of my valuables from going missing, and it's what makes traveling easier! 

The three digit combination gives me peace of mind when I'm away on vacation because there are no worries about someone walking off with something valuable while I’m busy fishing or playing golf - FlexSafes come held securely onto any surface so long as it’s sturdy enough- including umbrella stands, lawn chairs/umbrella carts (depending), etc. 

There are five layers to this fabric design which means not only will these babies protect against slash attacks but also rainwater damage too making them perfect gifts.

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

There are so many reasons to love FlexSafe. I'm not sure if it's the portability, or the peace of mind that comes with knowing my valuables are safe and secure while I'm away on vacation - but one thing is for certain- these little guys have changed my life in more ways than just making traveling easier! If you're feeling like your grandparents might need a special gift this year, be sure to get them their own FlexSafe. Click here to get additional options for using FlexSafe. They'll thank you later- trust me!

8. Protect yourself and your family against harmful EMFs without compromising on convenience.

Protect yourself and your family against harmful EMFs without compromising the things that make you happy. 

Smart Dot is a revolutionary new product that will protect you from the constant exposure to EMFs in your life, while still giving you access to all of the convenient modern conveniences. With Smart Dot, there's no need for inconvenience or sacrifice!

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

The SmartDOT is a small device that can be placed on any wireless device you have. The button-size sticker easily attaches to your phone, tablet, or laptop without damaging it in any way and does not interfere with other devices nearby so placement will never affect performance!

Top 8 gifts to give the grandparents for Christmas

You've probably heard by now that EMFs are causing a long list of symptoms, including anxiety and depression. So why not get the smartest protection against them? 

The Smartdot is an easy-to-attach button to your phone, tablet, or laptop without interfering with other devices nearby so placement will never affect performance! If grandma needs some help protecting herself from all these harmful waves then order the SmartDot here for her today.